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Is Facebook Racist?

After yet another incident of White people calling the police on Black people, my husband, Michael, recently wrote the following on Facebook: Everyday I hate WyPipo more and more. It's because of how these incidents have increased threefold and how so many of you still refuse to be an ally and speak up. This is on you. We've stopped being listened to. This is on you. Every time you choose to not say anything to a friend or relative. This is on you. This is on you. Someone reported this as hate speech and he was kicked off Facebook for 30 days. This is the fourth time in two or three years. I responded with the following... Dear Person Who Keeps Getting My Husband Kicked Off Facebook, I have a scenario for you: Michael and I are driving down the interstate in separate cars. The cars are identical in appearance, we are traveling at the same speed, in fact, the only difference is Michael’s gorgeous brown, African American eyes reflect back in his rearview mirror, while