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Don't Sip from this Cup of Gold

My mother's family finally had a plan. We were going to have our family reunion weekend in Southern California. (Easy for us.) We stayed at the beautiful Estancia La Jolla , just north of San Diego. It was Saturday night, and all the families were going to meet at my cousin's place, where there would be plenty of food, booze and horsing around. I couldn't wait. I sent Michael and the kids ahead of me to retrieve the car from valet, while I made sure the bag was fully packed: sun screen, light jackets, baseball hats, second sets of know the drill. I arrived at the front of the hotel with a song in my heart when Michael approached me with a storm brewing across his forehead. Even before he spoke, I knew I was going to be pissed off at the timing of whatever calamity had befallen. I took a deep breath as he said through clenched teeth, "We're going to the hospital, now." Why is it always when we're ready to enjoy some much needed fun does

Let's Celebrate!

I know blogistas , I've been sooooo bad. Last entry almost two months ago. And there's been so much to write about: my son loosing his teeth, my daughter cutting her hair, the House of Representatives' repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell, or anything to do with that wacky Tom Cruise. So many nuggets, so little time. Well, here's the skinny. First it was adoption, then it was this blog, and now it's a one man show! Mommy With a Penis is coming to the stage. It was written by and stars ME, and is part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Mommy With a Penis (The One Man Show) includes many of my writings from this very blog. It's been a blast reliving some of these stories and bringing them to life on stage. For those of you who are in the Hollywood area late June and are interested, here is the performance info. Monday, June 21st at 7:30 pm Sunday, June 27 th at 7:00 pm Celebration Theatre 7051 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90038 For reservations c