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F**ked up Facebook

In my humble opinion Facebook can sometimes be flat out wacko. For instance, I don't get the whole FarmVille thing. I tried it once for fifteen minutes, vowing never to return. Then the next day I found that one of my friends fed my cows and another friend found a mystery egg on my property. I have cows? I have property? Huh? And doesn't it seem that every Facebook friend wants you to join some oddball group? At present, I have 133 requests. It's out of control. I will cop to joining gay marriage groups, and of course I was fully behind Betty White hosting Saturday Night Live (which worked!!), but usually I just delete. Tonight, I read in an update that a few friends have joined the group Petition to remove Facebook group praying for President Obama's death. Quite a mouthful. But I was intrigued. I went to their Facebook page and I found this image... In my eyes, it's a legitimate beef. Praying for anyone's death is just plain creepy. How do these folks recon

Deciphering the Code

Mommy With a Penis is busily doing work in the bedroom when a three year old girl comes scurrying in. MAXIE: Papa, Papa! MOMMY WITH A PENIS: Yes darling? MAXIE: I want a regielusodlkeyoooo . MOMMY WITH A PENIS: What's that? MAXIE: You know. A gloeuuhdoeiuiii . Maxie sees that Mommy With a Penis is confused and tries to clarify. MAXIE: 'Abastian has a leourertgderfff . An I wan one too. MOMMY WITH A PENIS: Sebastian has something and you want one too. Maxie nods, thrilled her meaning is understood. Mommy With a Penis stands. MOMMY WITH A PENIS: Well, let's go find out what a hibbideyhoobey is. Maxie and Mommy With a Penis go into the backyard, where they find a seven year old boy in the throes of some pretend game. Mommy With a Penis turns to Maxie incredulously. MOMMY WITH A PENIS: Is this what you wanted? A cigarette? Maxie nods with enthusiasm. Mommy With a Penis quickly switches focus back to Sebastian, and finds that there are no words. A huge shit eating grin spreads

Mike Huckabee Stepped in a Load of Doo Doo

Let's go back to the November election 2008... Now, I'm not talking presidential or even Prop 8, but something on the Arkansas ballot called Act 1. When the results came in, the people of Arkansas voted to pass Act 1 forbidding anyone "cohabiting outside of a valid marriage" to adopt or foster children. And even though this included heterosexual singles, the initiative was clearly targeted to keep gay people from adopting. It's simple algebra folks: If gays can't legally marry, and only legally married folks can adopt, well then, it stands to reason that those dreaded homos are defeated again!! As an adoptive parent, this pisses me off. There are an average of sixteen hundred children in the system in Arkansas, and yet in 2008 the Razorbacks felt like it was more important to stick it to the ho-man than advocate for their own children. Well, some good news... The ACLU sued the state in December 2008 to overturn the ban, their arguement being that there are no

What Happened Easter Bunny?

We've done it before and it leaves the kids mystified. When we travel during Easter, we get the Cadbury eggs, the Peeps, the chocolate bunnies and the other goodies ahead of time. Then, we fix up the baskets and hand them over to the hotel's front desk. The rules are simple: leave the baskets outside our door at eight am, knock loudly and then quickly disappear. It's very much like ding dong ditch, except in this version we end up with a couple of surprises waiting on our doorstep. Sebastian and Maxie love Easter. For them, there is no no religious connotation. No Crucifixion. No Resurrection. No blood of the lamb. It's simply, baskets, egg hunts and sweets. This year their baskets were sent by my step mother, Deanna. They were plush and in the shapes of a pink bunny and a white ducky. They came the week before in the mail and I wasn't sure how to explain them to the kids, because up to now the Easter Bunny had supplied the baskets. But Sebastian informed


It doesn't seems to matter where you are in this country, almost everyone knows about California's anti gay marriage bill, Proposition 8, which passed November 2008. Of course, this is not the last we will hear of this. Especially, since eighteen thousand gay couples were able to get married in the four month window following the California Supreme Court's ruling, and since the election that availability is no more. Michael and I (and seventeen thousand-nine-hundred-ninety-nine couples) are married but Glenda and Gertrude in Fresno are now legally forbidden to do so. Where's the logic in that? My argument on this subject hasn't changed: What about my children? The far right have often pulled out the chestnut, "what about the children" to any topic they can apply it to. And, the group who placed Prop 8 on the ballot in the first place, say they are about marriage and family. "California's constitutional marriage amendment exist