I was in the kitchen trying out a new recipe, something I was beginning to suspect my family wouldn't eat, when my six year old son came in wearing a princess dress and sparkly shoes. For those of you following my blog, you know this is not unique behavior. With a pensive look he inquired, "Papa, when am I going to turn into a girl?"

Having mastered the art of following a question with a question when I have no idea what the fuck else to say, I ricochet asked, "Is that what you think is going to happen?"

"Oh, yes." he pronounced with a certainty I wish I had when facing law enforcement or my mother.

I felt I needed more information before I tackled this one, so I dug deeper, "Sort of like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly?"

That did it. I could see from his reaction I became the out of touch, know nothing, what good are you, Papa. He let out a sigh and exclaimed as if I were mentally incompetent, "Of course. That's called metamorphosis."


The Good Cook said…
Interesting.... He is so lucky to have you for a mommy. Can you imagine if he lived with some oaf in the great state of say, oh... Alabama??
Michael Rivers said…
Cute story. They grow up so fast, don't they? haha.
Vodka Mom said…
that reminds me of when The Golden Boy asked me when he was getting his "pyramid." I told him NEVER. He said, "Thank goodness, I didn't know WHERE I was going to put those sticks."
To funny. Im going to have to remember that question game for when my daughter learns to talk. Im am sure she will come up with some duzzies!
surprised mom said…
I'm sitting here laughing because I can just imagine the look on his face and the tone in his voice whe he said, "Of course. That's called metamorphosis." BTW, how old is your son? LOL
I love the way you are handling the issue. Not just the questions you ask him, but your overall understanding and love. Children do say the darndest things, don't they?
He is already heavy-sighing??
Boy, are you in for it!
Seriously, very cute story.
trashalou said…
this is another reason to love blogs - you get to record the cracking lines AND the eye rolling ;-)
Melissa said…
HAHA!! I love your little boy! This gives me hope with my stepson. =)
mollyc said…
You are hilarious. Your kids are lucky.
BellaDaddy said…
WOW I'm speechless...brilliant!
Anonymous said…
Bash certainly has a way of putting things in perspective, doesn't he?

That's the beauty part of kids, they'll make their parents smarter or nuts or both.

Hug him and Maxie for me, I sure would love to see them soon!
Anonymous said…
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Me said…
I have twin boys and a little girl who is two years younger than them. When my little girl was four, she also very seriously asked me when she would become a boy like her brothers. I don't think she really believed when I explained to her that wouldn't happen.
PJ said…
As a former 6 year old boy who liked to run around in a dress and all the crap that went along with that...Bash is a lucky lucky little boy.

Funny how in the following story you question your parenting are a natural.

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