Illness Sucks

Without getting into specifics, I've been on my back for seven days...and not in the good way.

Why the fuck am I being quixotic? I'll tell you the specifics. What started as a cough continued into a flair of sinusitis and an ear infection. This led to flu like symptoms, you know, charming things like body aches, shakes, sweats, slight nausea, diarrhea. And add to that, what sent me skittering along the precipice...dehydration...again. I don't know why my body has never had a problem maintaining hydration until this year.

My most embarrassing moment happened after I suffered through a painful, loose bowel movement and then broke out into severe flop sweat. My entire shirt was soaked through and I simultaneously felt like puking and passing out. The only thing I thought would give me any sense of relief was the cool tile floor. With my pants still around my ankles and my rear still unwiped, I placed my cheek on the bathroom floor hoping that this was the illness's rock bottom (no pun intended). I stayed there for twenty to thirty minutes praying for the strength to wipe my ass or be hit by lightning.

Once I got back into bed, nothing could get me out. Not even feeding my kids. I sent them into the kitchen, unarmed, with images of The Hunger Games in my head. At the sound of a box of Cap'n Crunch falling to the floor, I remember lifting my head from my pillow and croaking, "Graze, my little scavengers! Graze!!"

After taking regimens of antibiotics I'm much better. The flu like symptoms are gone but my mind is still so fuzzy. I get dizzy when standing, or sitting, or sorting socks...doing anything really. I've relegated all responsibilities to my husband, who's been a champ but I believe is buckling under the pressure. And now my left ear has this persistent ringing that is driving me bonkers.

Illness is demoralizing, degrading, and is not for wimps!


Kim Stewart said…
Oh my gosh, I hope you feel better!! You should have called, I would have brought over some meals for you all. Next time let me know! Bug hugs!!
CSY said…
Feel better soon! Nothing like being sick to make your family realise how much they love you...yeah, it never happens to me either! Sending hugs and love your way!
liza said…
sickness sucks! i spent last week with a horrible sciatic nerve pain that made me hobble like a cripple all week long and caused me reeeally horrible constant leg and back pain. some steroids and pain meds later, voila! pain is gone, but i'm still babying my back (uhhh much to my hubby's horror) for fear that that awful pain will come back. ugh. pain sucks. i told my 79 yr old mother today that when i'm her age i'm going to have a constant morphine drip. oh yes, MJ style; I am NOT going out or lingering on in any sort of pain. now if only i can find the right shystie doctor to take on role of drug pusher.....hmmmmm lol!!!

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