Free Stuff Contest #1

My husband taught me to enjoy free stuff.  Whether at a fudge counter in Solvang or a sex shop in Sausalito I have heard him query, "Could I get a sample of that?" This is always delivered with a smile, usually with a flirty air, and people seem to be attracted to and then comply with what I used to think was an unreasonable demand. And Michael is so good at flirt-asking that not only does he secure the taste or spritz, but I have seen him walk away with free bars of designer soap and the occasional complimentary glass of Pol Roger Champagne. Now, I'll be honest, his unabashed groveling shamed me for a while, but over the years my position has softened and I have learned to enjoy the gratis whatchamajigger every now and again.

While maintaining this blog, I have been offered free stuff from time to time, most of which I've turned down. (Although there was that extra large mommy t-shirt that looked like a extra small leotard on me...not a pretty sight.) But before the holidays I bit the bullet and stuff

Was I approached by one of the biggies: Microsoft or Hertz, Bufferin or Depends? No, I was not. (And don't kid yourself, I would have welcomed with open arms a lifetime supply of adult diapers.) I was approached by Juiceology, "a refreshingly pure and nutritious blend of premium juices and whole grain extracts." I'm not the biggest juice drinker. To me, they are usually too sweet. But, I reasoned, my kids love why not? I gave the Juiceology contact my address and I was sent two bottles, Peach Mango and Blueberry Açai, and the review is in...

I loved them, well the two sips I was able to secure. Sebastian and Maxwell each took one of the bottles and chugged them down like sailors on leave.

Now, I am not too much of a label reader, so I'm not sure how they compare health wise to other juices (the phrase promotes daily wellness is on each bottle), but Juiceology has a really cool website and their product has a sophisticated taste that made me suspect had I more juice I could have fashioned a kickass cocktail. Bottom line: Juiceology is worth the purchase, appealing to adults and children alike. So go out and buy some now.

PS. Michael and I both liked the Peach Mango better than the Blueberry.

apple, peach mango, pomo blue cran, blueberry açai & concord grape

Review done. Now for the contest. I'm getting giddy...

This contest is for you guessed it coupons to Juiceology. Unfortunately, Juiceology can only be found in the Los Angeles area at four of the stores listed below (it should be noted that the Famima in Hollywood has closed). So this contest might best serve Southern Californians, but if those of you from Kansas or Calcutta want Juiceology coupons to decoupage your hope chest who am to stop you from entering. 

I have always loved contests where you create funny captions for amusing photos. So, that's what we're going to do. And I got it in my head that my contest picture should be of an iconic mother/daughter pairing like Joan and Christina, Debbie and Carrie, Endora and Samantha, Sarah and Bristol, Wilma and Pebbles or Octomom and a half dozen of the Octets. But the picture I fell in love with most was quintessential Judy and Liza. You may think I chose this because I'm quintessentially gay, and perhaps you're partially correct, but mostly I picked this doozy because of the priceless looks on both their faces.

Create your most witty caption to the following...

The three entries that make me laugh loudest and snort vodka through my nose will be mailed coupons for wonderful Juiceology. Oh, yeah, you have to feel comfortable enough to email me ( or my Juiceology cohort your real name and address. (Can't hide behind that handle anymore.) I promise neither one of us will egg your house or spit on your labradoodle. 

And if this turns out to be popular I'll be accepting other free stuff for future contests!

Must have your entry in by the evening of February 5th. What are you waiting for? 

Bon Chance!


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What a delightful blog to stumble across! Oh I'm joining RIGHT now. . .
You are most welcome to hang out over at my place anytime you need a getaway.

Warm Aloha from Waikiki
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