All in a Week's Work!

Actors, by trade, are a funny sort.

And is it any wonder? For long periods of time there will be no work, dry spells that match the breath and width of the Saraha. And then, in the blink of an eye, a tsunami of work bombards us, and we're hustling our butts from Santa Monica to the Valley to make auditions, rehearsals and costume fittings.

Last week, Michael was the recipient of one of those tsunamis. (The checks have already cleared so I know it wasn't some other sort of tomfoolery.)

First he played a fireman (as if the costume wasn't a dead giveaway) in a commercial for some sort of iPad like product. Handsome, no?

Certainly, you'd want him to put out your fire. And for those of you wondering if he had to shave his facial hair for the fireman, he did not. His smooth skin had nothing to do with that gig. No, he shaved for his second job playing a tranny hooker...

This was for Childrens Hospital, Rob Corddry's show on Adult Swim. Michael played Modesty, his actual drag queen name of yore, best friend to Megan Mullally's character.

And how did Michael get this part? Maxie goes to preschool with Rob's daughter. Never underestimate booking a gig on the playground.

And where did wardrobe found that fabulous red patent leather outfit that fit my husband's six five frame to a tee, with matching size 13 boots, no less? They actually belong to Michael. You can find them in his closet right now, next to the bag of wigs.

It should surprise no one, then, that Sebastian spends most of his waking day talking about being a fireman, and yet, from time to time enjoys dressing in his sister's dresses.


trash said…
As the mother of a boy who spent many years combining his sparkly fairy skirt with a sweatshirt that had tractors all over it - nope, not surprised in the least.
Vodka Logic said…
Having raised girls not sure cross dressing comes up...but I do like the red boots of Michael.

Will have to ask daughter about the Adult Swim show as she is the expert.... he is a dashing fireman.
LAB said…
I'd kill for those red boots! Love them!
Anonymous said…
must make a correction. those are size 16 boots. thank u for listening.
a mean green mother from outer space. my husband will get t he reference.
Patty J said…
Michael as a firemen is far too hot of an image for this early in the morning. Mommy needs a cold shower.
Sharon Miro said…
JHC Michael in a fireman outfit--makes even this old gal wanna yell FIRE!!!

And yet, Modesty kinda hits a note too...hmmmm.

Love the pictures--think we all need to eat together soon.
GREAT blog!!! +Following.
BellaDaddy said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
BellaDaddy said…

Thought you might like this one:

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