Simply Delicious

My one man show, Mommy With a Penis, is back on the boards!

From adoption hiccups, to choosing the right baby name, to dealing with my daughter's kinky hair, Mommy With a Penis delves into my personal experiences as mommy. Enter into my wacky world where sometimes this happens...

And this...

And even this...

For those of you not in the loop, I first mounted MWAP last June for the Hollywood Fringe Festival. I was then asked to participate in Theatre Asylum's The Best of the Fringe. And now, my good friend Kimleigh Smith (the superhero in the poster below) has put together an event called Delicious, which is comprised of six solo shows including her own, which won Best of the Fringe last year.

I will be sharing my evenings with my good friend Ramsey Brown, who is performing her hysterically funny show, Killing It. (Ramsey is the sluttishly dressed blond in the poster.)

For those of you in the Los Angeles area, the pertinent info is as follows...

From potty training to the casting couch...
it's all about survival.

Two rare comic solo shows,
one ticket price!

Sundays, February 13th & 20th at 7 pm.
Saturday, February 26th at 8 pm.

The Missing Piece Theatre
2811 W. Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, CA

Click here to make your reservations.

See you there!!


Vodka Logic said…
I so wish I lived our your way I would go to the show.

I LOVE the picture with the mustaches... lol
CSY said…
OMG!!! I would SO be there if these pesky 3,000 miles weren't in the way! Break a leg!

LOVE the shots of the kiddies dressed up. The tape is AWESOME!!!

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