Yesterday, in Maxie's cubby at school, there were two soiled pairs of panties, two soiled pairs of pants and a soiled pair of lavender boots. Don't even ask how she urinated into her footwear.

This isn't a total surprise. Maxie has had problems holding it in. I've brought up my concerns with her doctor and she tells me there's nothing to worry about, my daughter's bladder isn't growing at the same rate that she is. I don't know if that makes total sense, but I'm appeased for now.

I thought Maxie was going to be a savant on the toilet. When she and I first started pre preschool (pre pre, isn't it precious) my daughter was the only child not wearing a Pull-Up or diaper. Boy, didn't I feel superior watching the other parents fret about the school's rule that all children must be potty trained before they enter day classes.

But once we graduated pre pre and entered half-day, Maxie has peed herself on occasion and overnight I became the fretting parent. I figured this was my punishment for excessive smugness.

Back to yesterday... In the cubby, along with a panoply of pink and purple soiled clothes, was something I had never seen before, an "Opps! Report." (I'm pretty sure they meant Oops.) It's the size of an index card and details for the parents any accidental voidings their child may have had during the school day. This particular opps was filled out by Maxie's teacher, Miss Alicia, and here's what she wrote...

"She was sitting in sign language class and didn't listen to her body."

Irony perhaps?


Vodka Logic said…
When girls pee it goes straight down their legs.... into their shoes. My girls did the same thing a few times. Poor thing... have they checked her for a bladder infection?

Hopefully it will pass soon. xx
Sharon said…
Ah, Maxie...you will have 30-40 years of control, then the 50's happen. Don't laugh. I mean really. DON'T Laugh.
Love, Aunti Sharon
trash said…
Poor baby girl. It certainly isn't a nice thing to happen. Hoping there are no UTIs.

In my experience in Early Years Eductation it seems that children can't do everything at the same time, let me explain.

Your daughter had staying dry sorted but then moved into a whole new set-up. Massive new experiences to deal with. Her brain is having to adjust and refocus and those newly learned things have slipped a bit. You might also find she is going through a growth spurt and her brain is having to create new patterns and pathways to deal with it all.

This is all just my humble opinion but if you have ruled out everything obvious (UTIs, etc) it is worth considering these aspects.
Vodka Mom said…
As a teacher of the little ones, I can tell you that it happens ALL THE TIME. And yes, even the brilliant five year old who reads at a fourth grade level, had a TEENY TINY accident one day and squished her way all the way down the hall.

Her feet were SWIMMING. And she didn't seem to care one little bit. xoxoxo
Anonymous said…
Pee, it happens, sometimes where it should, once in a while in some boots, at least it wasn't in the car! Muah!

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