F**ked up Facebook

In my humble opinion Facebook can sometimes be flat out wacko. For instance, I don't get the whole FarmVille thing. I tried it once for fifteen minutes, vowing never to return. Then the next day I found that one of my friends fed my cows and another friend found a mystery egg on my property. I have cows? I have property? Huh? And doesn't it seem that every Facebook friend wants you to join some oddball group? At present, I have 133 requests. It's out of control. I will cop to joining gay marriage groups, and of course I was fully behind Betty White hosting Saturday Night Live (which worked!!), but usually I just delete.

Tonight, I read in an update that a few friends have joined the group Petition to remove Facebook group praying for President Obama's death. Quite a mouthful. But I was intrigued. I went to their Facebook page and I found this image...

In my eyes, it's a legitimate beef. Praying for anyone's death is just plain creepy. How do these folks reconcile ill will to their god? Surely, they must be breaking a couple of rules. Now what was the heinous page that was being petitioned? Take a look.


Even more of a mouthful. And here's their image.

Now, the first thing I saw on this page, I kid you not, wasn't the image above, but an update that read Everyone post pictures of your poop! I want to show you mine but it is bloody and i get embarrassed.

I have a hard time taking this site too seriously, especially since they claim their favorite actor was Patrick Swayzie and their favorite actress was Farah Fawcett...AND they managed to misspell both names!!

I'd go on about this, but really, I'd much rather post pics of my poop.


Frau said…
I'm with you on this one! I don't get farmville, and if so many of "MY friends" are playing for god sakes don't post it now everyone knows what you waste your time on. Have a great weekend!
The Good Cook said…
CNN first reported on this facebook page a few days ago. But I'm confused, am I supposed to pray then post poop or vice versa. Think I'll just skip both.
It irritates me to no end when I see stuff like that. I have two FB "friends" (they're actually family members, which is why I can't just delete their dumb asses) who post this kind of crap all the time. The whole "praying for Obama's death" thing really gets to me, though - even if it is packaged in some witty (and I use the term loosely) manner, it's still ugly and hateful. Obama supporter or no, I can't believe anyone is so fucked up to pray for his death ... and especially publicly.

But then, what can we expect from people who want to see pictures of everyone's poop?
CSY said…
I joined Facebook and I've found my friends from far away, but I'm with you - I don't 'get' the whole PLAYING GAMES thing...that's what Uno, Monopoly and Clue are for right, did I just give my old age away?!?
Christine Gram said…
Yea, all that Facebook fun quickly got old. I ignore it all (you can make Facebook do that for you). I just like chatting with my relatives and sharing pictures of our brood.
I joined the civility group that is logging off FB today in response to this. I just can't understand how anyone would join any kind of group wanting/hoping/praying for anyone's death. Just like Rita posted, I have friends (not family members) who joined the group. I am astounded by the hate online. I know many people hide behind the internet to bully people and such, but these people are doing this out in front of people...which no reserves. SHOCKING! I feel like FB has made me more liberal...or maybe just aware of how liberal I am. I'll post my feelings on my blog soon.
A friend sent me a link to this post. I am the creator of the facebook group opposing the "DEAR LORD... I'm a hateful jerk" group. I have been deeply moved by the response, both in numbers but also in the volume of kind and encouraging email I am receiving. There is a lot of love in the world, too!

I love your blog, you have a new fan.
Jennifer Thorne said…
Funny... having a minimum level of public health care hasn't made Canada explode yet...

Some people have their heads so far up their arses they've turned into moebius strips.
Vodka Mom said…
If I get ONE MORE REQUEST for FARMVILLE crap I will seriously shoot myself.

and if you don't hear from me, you know why.

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