Michael Jackson was only Mortal

who wore makeup and a wig
and had questionable parenting skills

sound familiar?


Out-Numbered said…
You just might be an evil genius.
That one girl said…
Pretty funny, must say
The Good Cook said…
and just when did you happen to notice the resemblance? that's incredibly creepy.
Michael Rivers said…
Should this have made me laugh as much as it did? Thanks for the humor!
BellaDaddy said…
I would never have figured this one out...Good going...My Eyes, My Eyes!
Oh my god!!! I have yet another conspiracy theory cooking in my brain!!!
surprised mom said…
This is very funny in a very sick sort of way . . .
Too funny. I can't believe nobody's figured this out before; you must be a genius!
LegalMist said…
I was always very critical of MJ for the excessive plastic surgery. I thought he was a handsome young man before he embarked on his campaign to look like a freaky white woman.

Then I read this post by Suzy Soro over at "Hollywood: Where HOT Comes To Die": http://wherehotcomestodie.blogspot.com/2009/07/michael-jackson-memorial.html

And the part about him beginning his plastic surgery campaign when he matured and began to really resemble his abusive father made me re-think my formerly very critical stance. I suppose if I had been abused as a child, I might not want to look in the mirror and see someone who looked just like my abuser every day, either.

And so my stance softened.

But your post is still funny. :)
Anonymous said…
hot & pretty, & sexy, must say

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