June is Bustin' OUT

He believes marriage is between a man and a woman. He then openly opposed Proposition 8. He has made June Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month. And yet he doesn't seem to be any further along repealing the Defense of Marriage Act nor Don't Ask Don't Tell. I can't imagine the juggling our president is currently doing. To say he has a lot heaped on his plate is an understatement. However at some point, he's going to have be a leader in these issues, otherwise his mixed messages will be as confusing as this picture.

Great piece over at John and Steve are Having a Baby. It's gay pride. It's gay fathers and mothers. It's a lot of gay fun and yours truly wrote about some personal gay moments.

Happy Belated Gay Pride!


(F)redddy said…
That may be the best picture of Barry I've ever seen.
Well yeah, it's hard to juggle in that hat. And on horseback no less.
Wow that's a gay photo!

Thanks for posting our blog on your site and ofcourse playing along. Your answers killed me.
Sarah said…
really liked your post on Jeve. You're fam is awesome!
Amy said…
I completely agree. I support our President and have great hope for his success. He has instilled in us the "hope," now we need to see some "audacity."

(The picture is so wrong. I love it.)
surprised mom said…
I choked when I saw that photo. Juggling is a b***h, isn't it.
Vodka Mom said…
that picture totally, TOTALLY cracked me up.
Ellie Great said…
Wow great picture.
Pretty sure he's always given mixed messages . . . aside from the hope. Hope has always been clear.

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