Bonnie Tyler Must be Crapping Her Pants


trashalou said…
That is so funny! I love it. Can't decide whether to show it to my 10 y.o. or not. Not entirely certain I want to explain 'feeling me up' to her just yet. Thanks for the laugh.
PaleMother said…
Thank you for that.
Yankee Girl said…
As a huge Total Eclipse of the Heart fan, I thought this was so funny. This is the song I sing out loud to with the windows down. I'm gonna have to learn the literal lyrics so I can get even funnier looks from strangers than I do now!
Samantha Lee said…
Too funny! I loved it (and I love reading your blog).
surprised mom said…
I'll never hear that song again in the same way. Laughing hysterically over here! Thanks for the video.
Anonymous said…
Hutch, I almost peed my pants, I laughed so hard. Thanks for posting this.
Pretty awesome! Thanks for sharing this!
trasha said…
Hahahahaha... I showed it to my girl and she loved it! Has requested several repeat plays today. I love how kids ignore stuff they don't understand :-)
LOL.. too cool. Thanks for posting that. Made my day.
jb said…
LOLOLOL Freakin' hilarious!!!!
Eddy said…
"Blind possessed choir boys"

Hahahahaha!!! OMG,I just about spit my tea all over the screen. LOL

Thanks for laughs!


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