When We Were Swinging Singles...

When I turned five, I was given a swing set for my birthday!!

Yes, that's me in the center. I had a coyboy themed party with pony rides and roasted weenies. The girl on the left was my first crush. Her name was Jody. Ironically, my son, Sebastian, has a major crush in his kindergarten class with a girl named Jody as well. The girl on the right is Amity. From what I hear, she's amazingly successful living in Zurich or something. Even from this pic you can tell she would strive to the top of her field. Unfortunately, I have lost track entirely of delightful entity, simply known as Jody.

I'm writing about swing sets today because over at Dad Blogs, they are giving away a tremendous redwood doozie that looks like this:

A big different than what was top of the line in 1967.

By writing this post, I get ten entries towards winning this for Bash and Maxie. I just have to put down some particulars. Here they be... For swing set info go to Kids Creations. For Dad Blogs rules and regs (that's right you can enter and win this as well) go to Dad Blogs Contest. And if that isn't sweet enough, they are also giving away a Canon PowerShot digital camera! And if you do enter, be sure to say it was Mommy With a Penis who sent you!

Here's the sad truth of the matter. I want to win this so that I can vicariously live through my son and his jodycrush. With the Rolls Royce of swing sets perhaps he will keep track of his Jody and not live as I do... With days, years, decades passing me by, contemplating about the demure, sensitive, wonderful Jody. Where is my Jody? How is my Jody doing? Can my Jody truly say she is happy? Or is she living her day to day in a nebulous haze wondering about me? So for my son's future mental health (and perhaps my own) I want to win this redwood extravaganza of unadulterated, pure Jody...I mean, joy.

Ahhh, JODY...


Jason said…
You will be happy to know that the O'Sheas have the circa 1967 swingset in our backyard. It came with the house when we bought it. I tried, without success, to convince my wife that we should have the previous owners take it with them. To my surprise, the rusty, piece of crap is a hit with all the friends and family's kids when we have our annual Derby Party, 5 years running now. And now, PJ enjoys playing on it. Perhaps someday, he will put the moves on a young neighbor girl while on the swingset....hopefully named Jody, just to complete the circle.
Isabella said…
Good luck with the spring contest!

(and I'm glad to hear the band-aid remedy worked for you! :) )
Deborah said…
Good luck! Love the pics. Reminded me of my childhood swingset-the one with the cracked, plastic seat that pinched my thigh on the downswing. Good times.
~*Jobthingy*~ said…
damn.. *I* want that swing set!
Anonymous said…
I bet that "Redwood Doozie" wouldn't "jump" every time kids were swinging as high as they could go. My old metal one would, and if my friend and I timed it just right we could knock the sucker over and then jump off mid-swing. Although I would still recommend NOT dousing the slide with the hose than trying to walk down it. THAT was the first time I learned the meaning of the phrase "knocked the wind outta me". LOL

New to your blog, like you so far! (I'd still read it if I didn't like you, I'm a reading whore). Stop over and see me some time, I'm not that interesting but I'll tell ya like it is!
Bonnie said…
We must be about the same age because your old swing set is so familiar. I'm not your Jody but you've got me hoping that I was somebodies Jody when I was that age. So sweet!
Good luck with the contest!
Ah, I remember those days well! My crush was on Roger . . . then my parents drug me from South Gate (kicking and screaming the whole way) to North Carolina at only 9 years old!

Yes, I'm still in therapy!
No, I still can't understand a word anyone says!


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