Vacation Picturesque

The place: Lake Arrowhead. Purty nuf vacation spot, but I swear life here is ess ell oh doubleyou. Restaurants close at eight. Townsfolks have the dickens of a time answering direct questions. We asked our concierge (I'm sure he doesn't call himself that) what a good family activity would be in nearby Big Bear, and with giddy glee he tells us about the Target and the Mervyn's. Oh, goody, discount stores! We leave the mountains tomorrow, drive our broken car down the hill to the desert where more adventures await.


Michael Rivers said…
Gorgeous photo! So was the Target a happening place? haha. I hope the rest of your vacation offers other options. Perhaps a Best Buy?
Bella Daddy said…
Ya should have come visit us...;-)
LLnL said…
I went away to college, moved from the city to a cornfield. The big store downtown was K-mart. The first time I went shopping a store clerk actually followed me for five minutes straight,concerned about my possible sticky fingers, until I struck up a conversation with her. As much as I make fun of it I miss those days. It was thrilling just sitting outside while talking to friends. I liked walking three miles to get to anything. Quiet life is delicious, but I will always be a city girl at heart.
Vodka Mom said…
and what, pray tell, DID he call himself???

gorgeous, btw.
justlori2day said…
I was going to say how beautiful and serene it looked, until Target and Mervyns became the highlights! hope the desert had more to offer!
Deb said…
Target as a vacation destination - cool! There are no chain stores here where I am in Maine. Currently a Dunkin' Donuts is trying to get in to town. You'd think it was a napalm factory that wanted to move in. Protests on the village green "Hell No! No Donut Holes!" Lots of blogger fodder! Hope the rest of your vacation is fun and tree versus car free.
Dat dare photo is niiiiice.
Love the target idea..Did you go?..This happens to be my favorite store since having our son

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