Let's Celebrate!

I know blogistas, I've been sooooo bad. Last entry almost two months ago. And there's been so much to write about: my son loosing his teeth, my daughter cutting her hair, the House of Representatives' repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell, or anything to do with that wacky Tom Cruise. So many nuggets, so little time.

Well, here's the skinny. First it was adoption, then it was this blog, and now it's a one man show! Mommy With a Penis is coming to the stage. It was written by and stars ME, and is part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Mommy With a Penis (The One Man Show) includes many of my writings from this very blog. It's been a blast reliving some of these stories and bringing them to life on stage.

For those of you who are in the Hollywood area late June and are interested, here is the performance info.

Monday, June 21st at 7:30 pm
Sunday, June 27th at 7:00 pm

Celebration Theatre
7051 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90038

For reservations call:
(323) 957-1884

Forgive my meager entry, but once opening night is behind me, I'll have a heck of a lot to say!


Christine Gram said…
Congratulations and good luck!
viridian said…
Wonderful news! Your absence is immediately forgiven! Break a leg.
CSY said…
Break a Leg, Mommy!
Jesse said…
Wicked cool, Mummy! Wish I could be there to see it.
SurprisedMom said…
Now that's a show I'd like to see! Alas, I live far away. Break a leg!
BellaDaddy said…
Damn! I have to get to LA more often...DAMN DAMN DAMN...Best Wishes...Break a Leg, and all that Jazz...so damn proud of ya!

Wow, congrats on the show!

I look forward to reading your posts about it...
Malisa said…
Oh, congratulations! I would love to see your production! My writing partner and I often participate in FronteraFest,the Austin Fringe Festival. Kick ass and take names!


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