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So proud of hubby. Last night, he opened in the Musical Theatre West's production of Little Shop of Horrors. For those of you with your head up your tuchus, Little Shop is about a plant from outer space who eats people. Okay, so it's not folksy Oklahoma!, however it's a fab musical. And even though three puppeteers operate the giant carnivorous plant, Michael provides the voice of this meat eater. (As I said a couple of posts back, Michael knows meat. Type casting.)

When he did this role on Broadway, it was one of the of the easiest gigs going. He sat in a booth with a microphone and five monitors, four with views of the stage and plant, and one of the conductor. Because no one could see him, he could read directly from his script, or drink a pitcher of martinis, or plot the downfall of a third world country.

In my humble wifey opinion, I think his voice is stronger then it was on the Great White Way. His chiding "tough titty" thrilled me to my bones, and his "No shit, Sherlock" made my heart do a pitter pat. Never has American musical theatre produced dialog more scintillating.

A peculiar thing happened during intermission when I was taking a leak. I was humming Somewhere That's Green when a man who could have been my grandfather took the urinal next to mine. He was one of those pissers who unleashes the beast and then stands there with both hands on his hips. I worry about splatter with these types. Anyway, he says, "Well, I made it here, now if I can only get it started."

Having trouble peeing hasn't been a problem of mine but give me a couple of decades and just possibly I too will be talking to nearby urinaters. I must say, I wasn't sure of protocol. Was I to respond to his statement? Should I have pat him on the back and said, "Best of luck," or something? I chose to walk away without comment and wash my hands extra good.

I came out of the restroom and noticed one wall of the lobby was covered with encased gold records. This was when I first knew the theater was named after a dead celebrity. And it was only after I studied the song titles...Rainy Days and Mondays, We've Only Just Begun, Close to You...that I made a startling realization...

I just heard my husband sing Feed Me at the Karen Carpenter Performing Arts Center.


surprised mom said…
As to your last comment, all I can say is OMG! I think that's irony in the extreme.
As for your urinary experience, I can only say you have the most interesting encounters.
Everything doesn't have to be Oklahoma, nor should it be.
Your pride in your husband comes through loud and clear. Pride in a spouse, isn't that what marriage is all about. You make a great cheerleader. Congrats to Michael.
Vodka Mom said…
hilarious and wonderful post

the ending? BRILLIANT.

Oh, and when YOU start talking to the urinals, we are locking you up.
Yeah, my husband's plumbing has gotten a bit rusty too. After he has been leaning against the bathroom wall for several minutes, I wait for the first few drops to fall and then jump in and say "STOP"! Works every time. Hey, I get my laughs any way I can these days!

Lala said…
ahhhh Seymour.
trashalou said…
Oh I love L.S.o.H. Many years ago my dentist shot me full of novocaine and then left the room. Next thing I knew 'The Dentist song' came blaring out from a telly in the corner of the room!!!

Bear in mind this was many years before wireless connections became publicly used. After I got over the initial shock I laughed as much as was possible while dribbling profusely.
That one girl said…
OMG, I totally want to see it!
PaleMother said…
I second the brilliant ending. Thanks for that, I can always use a laugh like that ... the ones that come all the way up from my pointy, evil toes.


Woman with kids said…
Way to go Hubby! That's great, what a wonderful show. (Only saw the high school production of it, but I bet it's great with real live actors and, er, plants!)

And I love the irony... Perfect!
That's awesome! Wish we were in LA to check it out!
Sink said…
I laughed, then felt guilty for laughing! You don't miss a thing!

Good luck for a long run...

...of the show, I mean.
Anonymous said…
the great and lovely post


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